Marketing Workshops

Product Marketing is a skill set that makes a major difference in your chances of success. Understanding how to release offerings in a way that gains serious traction is vital in terms of growth. Product Marketing kicks off after a product has been developed, and drives ultimate brand awareness and conversion. In my workshops and masterclasses, the skills improved are:

  • Learn how to conduct the most powerful research and competitive analysis
  • Establish a market-ready product roadmap that fits with the culture
  • Enable the most advantaged product launch, go-to-market and targeting
  • Understand how pricing and positioning can be modelled effectively using cognitive biases
  • How to create the most powerful value proposition, content and messaging, collateral and demos
  • Leverage the most resonant testimonials and loyalty mechanisms

These skills will be improved by:

  1. Gaining a deep understanding of what Product Marketing means
  2. Seeing what best-in-class looks like in your industry
  3. Applying it to your specific product and market so it is actionable immediately

These skills can be delivered in a range of interactive workshops, online, with up to 10 people at a time ideally (to allow for plenty of interaction).

Get in touch if this sounds like something you and/or your teams would find valuable.