I created these masterclasses to enable your personal and professional growth and I really hope they add value to you. These are the most affordable and cost-effective ways of accessing my thinking and experience. Here’s a sample of recent feedback:

“Gaining direct access to someone with Jonathan’s experience and success is something all serious professionals and entrepreneurs should do. Jonathan’s masterclass brought to my attention some powerful new ideas, confirmed some of my beliefs and challenged me to up my game in a few key areas. This is how a Masterclass should be” – JC, London UK

How To Be A Professional Speaker

I’ve put every single learning and insight from my several decades as a professional speaker into a 7-hour video series of 14 x 30min modules.

If you’d like to achieve testimonials like this, understand how the industry works or learn how to improve your skills by applying the deepest tools I can offer, then this course is for you. Here are the topics I cover:

– How the industry works
– Choosing your topics
– Positioning your themes
– Developing presentations
– Charging to speak
– Agency outreach & liaison
– What to wear on stage
– Pre-talk preparation
– On the day of the talk
– Delivery styles that work
– Client briefing calls
– How to win over a crowd
– Powerful things to say
– Growing your career

When this was first launched there were standard and premium modules and the entire series was £1500. Now, the entire course is available for only £199 at Udemy.

Upgrade Your Life, Skills & Opportunities

In these uncertain times, this course is your guidebook for starting a new future for yourself. You will go deep into the art of persuasion, how resonant communication truly works, advanced idea creation and how to pivot your career online. The modules are as follows:

  • The Art Of Persuasion – The ultimate masterclass on advanced techniques for sales, influence and negotiation
  • Game-Changing Ideas – How to generate the most game-changing ideas and turn them into big money
  • Unfair Competitive Advantage – How to outsmart the competition and steal market share
  • Money While You Sleep – Growing simple ideas into high value, passive income
  • Pivoting Your Career Online – How to adjust your revenue streams to being more digitally-focussed.

You will have an entire ‘Swiss army knife’ of tools for creating game-changing ideas that can unlock extreme competitive advantage. You will be armed with numerous ways of making money while you sleep and know the top ten ways of pivoting your career to being more digitally focussed. It’s time to upgrade your life.

When these were first launched they were priced at £99 each, but now the entire course with all five modules is available for that price at Udemy.