Private Mentoring

If you would like some one-to-one support from me, then my private mentoring programme may suit you.

This is particularly for people who are ready to properly invest in their success. I’ve assisted entrepreneurs to grow an idea from a sketch on a notepad to an eight-figure, multi-million business. I’ve enabled large companies to grow by double-digit percentages.

In my best-selling book, the CEO of IKEA refers to my assistance to him as being vital in their journey, but that doesn’t stop people who are at very different places in their career from working with me to cement success into their future. I can be as effective with you as I can with the leaders in business.

If you feel you aren’t “ready”, that’s normal. Many people think they need to have lots of things in place before starting off a private mentoring journey but it’s not necessarily the case. In fact, it’s often better if you haven’t committed to firm conclusions just yet – as they’re likely to change during our sessions!

I can help with:

  • Your personal growth
  • Your career ambitions
  • Your corporate political navigation
  • Your innovation agenda
  • How you can develop even more incredible ideas
  • How to make even more money while you sleep
  • How to balance your career with your personal life
  • How to make the most powerful decisions
  • And so much more..

You and I will a schedule of 6 video calls over whatever timeframe suits you. Most clients choose bi-weekly or monthly. The calls are either 1 or 2 hours and are bought in a series of 6 in advance. The cost for 2hrs x 6 sessions is GBP£499 per session, or you may prefer 1hr x 6: GBP£299 per session. Click below to purchase your private mentoring place. Once payment is made, you and I will be in direct contact and we’ll liaise via whatever channel you prefer to work out our schedule together. Sound good? Click below:

“Jonathan was integral in the creation, launch and growth planning of our Fintech start-up Moneycatcha. Jonathan’s global experience enabled us to move fast and iterate our company in the early stages as new opportunities happened. His ability to unlock potential in leaders and businesses is so unique and I can honestly say I would never have started this journey without his support and guidance. Jonathan is always researching and learning himself, so along with his tried and tested strategies, he always brings new thinking to any strategic conversation, which I feel is critical in any company’s leadership to drive innovation.”

Ruth Hatherley
CEO & Founder – Moneycatcha