Over the years we’ve developed and modified a number of tools that can be used along your journey towards increased clarity. The tools on offer may be referred to in our Clarity Consultations if you have already started your journey, or you can just use them freely.

The Values Grid is a tool that enables you to gain more clarity on how you operate as a person and how you make decisions about your life or career. The process is based on the identification of core values. This tool enables a more clear alignment between how you make choices and what you have identified as mattering the most. Click here to explore The Values Grid.

We all operate on a range of Common Biases. The Thought Assessment Framework can help assess which of these you may have a tendency toward. However, if you would like to explore the Common Biases, click here.

Clarity Of Response enables you to have clarity in your response to any situation. When you commit yourself to one thing, rather than another, clarity is a natural result; and clarity helps us decide without confusion. As Viktor Frankl said “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Strength Framing is about observing growth opportunities and reframing which is essentially a different way of looking at a situation, person, or relationship by changing its meaning. The essential idea behind reframing is that a person’s point-of-view depends on the frame it is viewed in. When the frame is shifted, the meaning changes and thinking and behaviour often change along with it. Imagine looking through the frame of a camera lens. The picture seen through the lens can be changed to a view that is closer or further away. By slightly changing what is seen in the camera, the picture is both viewed and experienced differently.

We also have a Reading List which is pretty self-explanatory. We’ve put this together to assist people who seek further content on various topics.

You will find the Thought Assessment Framework on the main menu and home page. This is our flagship service and is a tool that can help you understand how your thoughts work. This is important because everything starts with a thought. Every decision that we make generates our behaviour and performance. We think around 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and around 90% of them are the same as the day before. This tool looks at the patterns in thought that may be addressed to gain enhanced fulfilment and clarity. Click here to explore the Thought Assessment Framework.

Jonathan from The Clarity System also runs the Academy of Advanced Thought which is a personal training system for your brain that focusses on developing your thought muscle to enable it to be in the best condition it can be. Click here to find out more.